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A Respected New York Law Firm That Is Focused on Your Legal Needs! We Offer Clients a Versatile Legal Practice.

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Experienced Attorneys Serving Individuals and Businesses At the law firm of McMillan, Constabile, Foster & Perone, LLP, our attorneys have a wide range of legal knowledge and experience. We are adept at sharing that knowledge with our clients. We are committed to the study and practice of federal and New York law and to providing our clients with exemplary client service. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, and small and medium-sized businesses looking to expand or sell their ventures. We also represent individuals in employment law, estate planning, elder law, litigation and other legal matters. If you are facing a legal problem, please contact us online or by phone at 914-834-3500. In most cases, we offer a free initial consultation.

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A Wide Range of Legal Knowledgeable At the law firm of McMillan, Constabile, Foster & Perone, LLP, we offer clients a versatile legal practice. Clients often turn to us for advice with respect to complex employment law matters that may also include civil or criminal litigation. Our diverse practice areas allow us to meet almost all of our clients' needs. With our firm on your side, you don't have to search for a new lawyer every time a new legal problem arises — you already have a team of lawyers in your corner who can handle a wide range of problems.

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A Respected New York Law Firm Our attorneys have won the respect of their clients and other legal professionals alike. Many of our clients come to us by referral from other attorneys and from client referrals. Numerous clients that we have successfully helped with one issue come back to us when another legal problem presents itself. We achieved results for them the first time, and we will strive to do it again.

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Contact Our New York Law Office Today If you require legal assistance in employment, estate planning, elder law, litigation or business matters or in any of our other practice areas, we can help you seek a successful solution to your case. Contact us today online or by phone at 914-834-3500 to speak with an experienced New York attorney. In most cases, we offer free initial consultations.