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Employment Law Solutions for Executives, High-level Managers and Licensed Professionals
Employment issues for executives, high-level managers and licensed professionals involve complex legal details with significant financial repercussions. At the law firm of McMillan, Constabile, Foster & Perone, LLP, we are adept at handling contracts and disputes involving buyouts and severance packages, buy/sell agreements, fringe benefits, licensure and other high-level employment issues. We understand the needs of our executive and professional clients, and are fully prepared to represent them in these legal matters.

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A Powerful Ally for Your Employment Needs

At the law firm of McMillan, Constabile, Foster & Perone, LLP, we have successfully handled numerous employment issues for high-level employees. Our clients include corporate executive officers, high level financial people, and licensed professionals such as doctors, lawyers and stock brokers. We are able to assist these individuals with a wide range of critical employment issues:
Negotiated severance packages and arbitration
Buy / sell agreements
Fringe benefits
Licensure and discipline issues
Our skilled attorneys are adept at reaching favorable resolutions to employment disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If we are unable to reach your desired goals through these means, we are fully prepared to fight for your interests in court.

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We Resolve Employment Disputes

Contracts, Buyouts, Negotiated severance packages and arbitration, Buy / sell agreements, Fringe benefits, Licensure and discipline issues

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